lori:  decor & design  

lori excels in visual design, color coordination, creative solutions and has an understanding of the unique needs of individuals and their caregivers.  she has been designing room renovations and decor for over 10 years.  her creativity and imagination are inspiring.  with experience in marketing as well, she directs the marketing team.

paul:  media & press

paul is our media specialist.  he coordinates and directs our video interviews and our mini-documentaries.   with experience in most aspects of media production, he has a fresh, compassionate and creative way of filming and producing inspiring stories and documenting the renovation process.

fito:  renovation & design

fito has been working on renovation projects for over 25 years.  his flexible and “outside of the box” thought process is unique and inspiring as he confronts every challenge with the attitude that anything can be done.  his enthusiasm is contagious and motivates all who work around him.  he oversees and directs all construction projects.

shari:  development & design

shari has a creative mind that doesn’t stop.  her imagination and ideas were the seeds of this project and her life aspirations of providing comfort and hope to others is shared by the whole crew.  and with almost 20 years of experience working with non-profits, she directs the development team.

helen:  liaison & strategic planner

helen is a compassionate, patient, and intuitive social worker with the gift of understanding and relating to others.  her deep empathy for others is remarkable. after many years of successfully facing her own health challenges...she has developed a unique way of relating...especially to our young recipients.


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Our Crew is an awesome crew...and that’s because we love what we do!  We all have our own unique talents and experience...together we are a great team!

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