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Sweet Spaces is charitable project that helps people that have, or are recovering from, a serious illness or injury.  We create living spaces that accommodate each individual’s unique needs, in a cleaner, safer, prettier...or cooler (depending!), and healthier environment.  We want each individual to end up with a sweet space that appeals to his or her tastes, is comfortable for a caregiver and visitors, is efficient and safe in accommodating medical equipment and medications, and supply them with an abundance of comforting and inspiring items.

We can really use your help! We have a core crew but we need help in the following areas:

  1. your old or new furniture, lamps, fixtures, and decorative items

  2. sponsors for:      photo studio (special session for the recipient & family members)

                              restaurant meals (for family while the room is being renovated)

                              hotel accommodations (for family while the room is being renovated)

                              shops that will donate new furnishings, bedding, linens, etc.

                              contractors for minor renovations

  1. your financial support ... click here to give a donation online

  2. volunteers in the Los Angeles California area...click here to apply

  3. volunteers in the Portland Oregon area...click here to apply

  4. referrals...if you know someone who is currently seriously ill, or has a long recovery in front of them, we would appreciate hearing about them.  Please click here to tell us about it.

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